PERFORMING/RECORDING COMPOSER & ART DILETTANTE        |      CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND        |     TEL +44 (0) 7763 535 532        |        OCTOBER 2017            play quiet music.Playing soft does not mean boring. Any classically trained musician will tell you it is really hard to keep the audience listening by playing soft. The middle parts of Beethoven's Sonatas are almost like a cycling climb uphill – tougher then tough.To catch and keep your attention by using the power of musical understatement is an artform in itself.. Today. We like our entertainment spicy: action, explosions & child prodigies. Once even I was a child prodigy too. Well, I was trained for a long time to play loud and awesome. By the best - by the Russians. They are great and also effectively suck the joy and pleasure out of your playing within the first two weeks of training. Ouch..So, I guess it was only right, at a later point in my short but colourful life to restore balance by coming back into an art of pleasurable all inclusive cinematic and not over the top piano playing which I ambitiously call


I hope it will become a new music genre or at least an Olympic sport. I write and perform my own works. I like to think that I write and play "valid" music - the term I heard David Geffen use once to describe his musical taste. Musically it can be described as something incorporating pop, Joni Mitchell, Satie a bit of Bach/Vivaldi/Hayden and definitely a strong doze of film music. You do not have to have a degree from Cambridge University (although it wouldn't hurt ) to enjoy my work but I think my music is for a sophisticated clients who'd been around and heard it all - more or less, and would appreciate a new and fresh approach to background music for weddings, receptions, cocktails and other functions in and outdoors. For people of all ages, really. I also write a lot for film, internet and documentaries. I love playing outdoors and so far the most exotic was playing on a yacht and off a tree house in a Norwegian wood (a real one). I like what I do and I welcome you to try my stuff! Yours JA

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